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InstaLAN Systems is proud to offer a wide range of services to help you plan and execute your next telecommunications project. The services listed below can be customized to meet your needs regardless of the projects size or complexity. If you would like more information or would just like to find out how InstaLAN Systems can help you, please contact us and one of our knowledgeable employees will call you with in 24 hours. They can arrange a site visit or just answer your questions over the phone.


Initial Build, Moves/Adds/Changes, Replacement/Removal at Live Sites, Cut-Over Coordination, Video Systems and Cabling, Paging Systems, Bonding and Grounding, Cabinets and Racks and Seismic Bracing.

Design & Planning

Voice/Data/Video Security, Backbone Structures, TC / MC Design and Planning, Labeling Standards, Multiple Site/Corporate Cabling Specs and Coordination of Pathways/Spaces and Campus Design.


Copper Testing and Certification, Fiber Testing, Troubleshooting, Network Physical Layer Consulting, Test Result Documentation and Remedial and Diagnostic Services.