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Computer Diagnostic & Repair [OS, MS Apps, AntiVirus, MalWare]
Networking [TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk, NetBIOS, PING, ARP]
MS Windows Server Admin [Shares, Printing, Security, Archives]
Linux Server Admin [Shares, Printing, Security, Archives]
MS Exchange Administration [SMTP, MAPI, POP, TCP/IP, DNS]
Router & Switch Admin [MAC, TCP/IP, Routing, Bridging, 802.1Q]
Firewall & Security Admin [SMTP, DNS, FTP, HTTP(s), TCP]
LAN, WAN & Extranet Engineering [Switches, Routers, VPN]
Webmaster & Hosting Management [HTML,PHP, MySQL, DNS]
Low Voltage Cabling [Pulling, Punch-Downs, Testing, Labeling]
Fiber Cabling [Pulling, Installation, Testing, Labeling]
Security/CATV Cabling [Pulling, Termination,Testing, Labeling]
Rack Systems Installs [Patch Panels & Wire Managers]
Project Management [Wiring, Facility, Vendors, Customers]
Telecom TDM Admin & Support [CAT3, Key System, PBX, PSTN]
Telecom VoIP Admin & Support [CAT5, PoE, Gtwys, IP Trunks, QOS]
Office Administration [MS Apps, Organized, Filing, Accounting]
Book Keeping [Receivables, Payables, QB, Accounting Principles]
PBX Certification - Avaya  Definity  IP Office  Partner  Magix  Legend  Merlin
PBX Certification - Nortel  Norstar  BCM  Meridian PBX  Communication Server
PBX Certification - Other  NEC  Toshiba  Panasonic  Siemens  Telrad  Comdial  InterTel  Mitel
IPBX Certification  Cisco  Avaya  3Com  Shortel  Zultys  Adtran
Network Certification  MCSE  MCP  CCNA  CCNP  CCVP  CCIE
* Hourly Rate {Desired Compensation}
* Please select the tools and equipment personally owned or available Telephone test set
Cable tester
Toner and wand
Label machine
Basic telecomm hand tools
Fiber termination kit
Cat5/ Cat6 certifier
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